Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Wedding Themes For Every Couple!

When it comes to wedding themes, the sky is the limit!
Brides-to-be can choose just the right theme to fit their personalities to a tee. From sports to flowers to fantasy and beyond, brides have countless options when it comes to picking the perfect theme for the biggest day of their lives!
That being said, brides often struggle with finding their perfect theme - especially if they and their soon to be husbands have different passions in life. For example, she loves flowers and he loves the Yankees. While those may seem to be at completely opposite ends of the spectrum, with a little creativity and a lot of flexibility those themes can be married into one cohesive (and impressive!) theme for guests to talk about for years.
Seasons often lend significantly to the theme of a wedding. Spring weddings are delightfully flower filled, fall weddings are fabulous with priceless foliage, and winter weddings are wonderful often with snow on the ground and holidays in full swing. Cultural weddings are making a big splash in recent years, with couples marrying their cultural identities into one huge celebration. The couple's favorite ethnic foods are served side by side. Customs are lavishly performed throughout the day providing an event to remember for all guests present.
Other wedding themes that have been gaining popularity are fairytale weddings (think Cinderella's Castle) and ancient time weddings (think Medieval Times - literally, they're performed within the medieval castles!). To the dismay of many brides, sport theme weddings are slowly gaining popularity as well - while the team logo may not be plastered everywhere, the colors and d├ęcor make it obvious who the couple is rooting for!
Brides need to take create a vision for their big day and make their visions come to life. Themes are often scary for brides, because too much can make the wedding tacky, where as too little can make the wedding bland - finding that perfect balance takes a lot of time and a little bit of creativity, but the result is priceless!
Some wedding theme ideas (to give you a nice head start) are listed below:
* Destination wedding theme - have you thought about being married far away from where you live? Maybe an island wedding theme or an Asian theme wedding may be appropriate. You may want to have an Hawaiian theme wedding, or beach theme wedding, with the difference being the wedding is in your backyard...
* A different time - some couples just love the idea of using a different era to plan their wedding... Think western wedding theme, Victorian wedding theme, 1920s wedding theme, Mexican theme wedding...
* A seasonal wedding - you can use the seasons to help you plan the perfect wedding. A winter theme wedding, a fall theme wedding, or a tropical theme wedding. Choosing this type of themed wedding will help you find the perfect in season flowers, will help you decide on the location (ie garden theme wedding, or a church wedding, will it be an outdoor wedding theme?).
* A romantic wedding theme - some couples just can't wait to get into 'theme' and sweep each other away. Think Cinderella theme wedding, a fairy tale theme wedding, butterfly theme wedding.
* A cultural wedding - Irish theme wedding, Chinese theme wedding, French theme wedding... Imagine getting married to a groom in his kilt?
* A sports theme wedding - yes, it's true! Some couples just love their footy team and couldn't think of a better theme for their nuptials. Imagine skydiving or scuba diving your way to wedlock.
* A favourite food or drink - a wine theme wedding may just lead you to being married in a gorgeous winery with your favourite wine as your toast.
* Your favourite colour - what about using your favourite wedding color to set the scene? Dresses, bows, table clothes, flowers, cars, confetti... The list goes on.
* Do you want to elope? How about a Las Vegas theme wedding, with Elvis as your celebrant?
Just use your imagination and you'll be amazed where it may take you! And Enjoy!
Rebecca Commerford